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SWide Solutions is a trusted provider of IT services and solutions for a broad range of demanding needs. Today’s challenges require clients have a committed partner who is agile and responsive with a comprehensive solution offering and the highest return on investment that lasts. With a strong customer focus at the center, SWide specializes in providing the best services with competencies in the latest technologies, industry expertise and solution specific background.

We work towards one goal — customer satisfaction; with one passion — to create miracles. We aim to consistently deliver results to our Customers that exceed their expectations. We call this ‘Real Quality’: quality that is experienced and valued by our Customers and targeted on the things that matter most to them. Achieving this is a continual process of listening to our Customers, learning from our experiences and optimizing the way we work. It’s about enhancing talent with proven processes and promoting a culture where delivering ‘Real Quality’ is an obsession.

Our solution centers staff top notch consultants with excellent skills, experience and qualifications. Our teams focus on areas of the most important market relevance to clients and their needs. They have continual focus and attention to solving customer problems while leveraging their expertise and experience to create the best solutions. We emphasize on methodologies, standards and quality to deliver reliable results in a predictable manner.

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